Event Management


A high level overview of event planning.


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This course provides a look into the event planning industry. Topics covered include budgeting, managing volunteers, working with sponsors and incorporating technology with your event. Participants will walk away with knowledge on how to produce a safe and enjoyable event.


You will earn 4 credits towards your STS Designation.

After completing this course, you will be able to:

  • Identify the various components necessary for organizing an event. 
  • Use a proven process to successfully select and secure the perfect venue for your event. 
  • Describe how the use of technology can impact the success of different components of your event. 
  • Develop a budget that includes ancillary services and economic impact numbers. 
  • Create a comprehensive plan that you can apply to your next event to alleviate stress. 
  • Formulate a plan to recruit, use, and retain volunteers. 
  • Apply strategies to find, secure, and manage sponsorships for events. 
  • Create a marketing strategy for your event. 
  • Develop a dynamic risk management plan to address potential threats and post-event communication procedures. 

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