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What does “STLI” stand for and what is it?

STLI stands for “Sports Tourism Learning Institute”. A product of Sports ETA, the Sports Tourism Learning Institute (STLI) is the leading-edge education hub for the sports events and tourism industry. Comprising a variety of learning opportunities, from free, topical content, to in-depth, industry-leading certification programs, STLI courses provide education for all industry segments driving professional development and organizational effectiveness. Whether you are new to the sports events and tourism industry, or a seasoned veteran, STLI’s wide scope of education offerings will push your knowledge and skills to the next level.

Who is the STLI for?

The STLI is for everyone interested in leading-edge sports events and tourism industry education, Sports ETA member or not. Anyone with in interest in advancing their knowledge and skills about the sports events and tourism industry may participate in STLI education. Seasoned sports events and tourism professionals, students or young professionals looking to gain knowledge to break into the industry, and representatives from related industries will all find STLI education offerings suitable for them.

Can I share STLI with Sports ETA non-members?

Absolutely! The STLI is specifically designed to elevate the sports events and tourism industry across diverse aspects of the sports, events, tourism, and hospitality industry, among others…so share away!

If you are interested in customizing STLI learning for your organization or group, please contact and we’d be glad to assist in tailoring a program to meet your needs.

What are some of the benefits of the STLI?

The STLI has a ton of benefits, more than we have time to mention here! But for starters, it is the first and only comprehensive sports events and tourism education program. Here at Sports ETA, we believe education is for all and the STLI reflects that strong belief by providing education to all, in a format that meets the needs of learners.

STLI education is designed for individuals who have not entered the industry workforce yet, to those in the upper echelon of their peers. It offers education both online and in-person, from short bursts of knowledge, to rigorous knowledge and skill-based programs. Education also isn’t “one-size-fits-all” and the STLI allows the learner to customize an education program that grows and shifts with the learner’s career.

The STLI is a dynamic hub for education that will also grow and adapt to reflect the newest industry innovations and the issues facing us all. It is also a conduit of increased industry credibility for our learners, and a starting point to foster idea sharing and industry camaraderie. We’re excited to have you join us on the journey!

How do I log-in to STLI?

Sports ETA Members: Use your existing Sports ETA website login credentials to log into STLI’s online education platform. Your STLI work will automatically link back to your My Account page within Sports ETA’s main site, so you’re all set!

Non-Sports ETA Members: It’s easy! Simply create a username and password in the STLI and store it for safe keeping. You’ll use these credentials to login and check course status or register for new courses at any point.

How do I register my co-worker(s) or other contacts listed on my Sports ETA profile?

Each profile within the Sports Tourism Learning Institute (STLI) is secured and linked directly back to the individual’s Sports ETA profile. Therefore, you are not able to register multiple contacts within your organization for a certificate or course when logged in to your individual account. To register your co-workers, you’ll need to log into the STLI with that individual’s Sports ETA login information or email and we’ll assist you in registering multiple individuals from your organization.

Are there set registration dates for each course?

No. You may register for any of the online STLI offerings 24/7, 365 days a year.

Who I contact for STLI tech issues?

Let us know if you’re experiencing technical issues with STLI by emailing

What does “LMS” stand for and what does it do?

LMS is simply education-lingo for “learning management system”. Think of it as a CRM for education. It is the platform in which learners register for courses, online courses are delivered, and course progress is tracked. STLI’s LMS is the nucleus of its education programs. You don’t need to get bogged down in the details, just know it’s pretty awesome and allows the STLI to better serve you!

What is the Education Standards Advisory Council?

Great question! The Education Standards Advisory Council is a group of sports events and tourism leaders from a cross-section of segments, experiences, locations, and backgrounds of our industry tasked with assisting Sports ETA in the development and implementation of its educational initiatives. They ensure our programs are meeting the needs and desires of our industry, and that content is of the highest quality and relevance. Check out who is on the Council.

What are Power Plays?

Sports Tourism Power Plays are your entry point to the STLI education portfolio. At no more than an hour in length, these “snack-size” sessions are perfect for a busy professional as well as those looking to get a taste of a new topic. Take one Power Play course or take as many as you desire. 

What is the Certificate Playbook?

The Sports Tourism Certificate Playbook is your source for in-depth knowledge on a range of essential industry topics. Each certificate consists of three to five hours of content, presented by the industry’s most highly regarded experts, to take your understanding of a given topic to a new level.

Online certificate courses are self-paced so you can consume the content at your convenience, and in-person certificate courses will be held in conjunction with a variety of Sports ETA live events throughout the year. Completion of the course material will earn you a designated Certificate of Achievement from the Sports Tourism Learning Institute, as well as increased knowledge to separate you and your organization from the pack.

I have my CSEE, what do I do now?

Great! You’re ahead of the game. Your CSEE has been rebranded to the Sports Tourism Strategist designation to reflect your role more accurately in the sports events and tourism industry. Get more details in the CSEE transition video at the top of the page.

What happened to the CSEE?

The CSEE has undergone a face-lift and has been rebranded to the Sports Tourism Strategist (STS) designation with new online and in person courses featuring robust content by subject matter experts. Get more details in the CSEE transition video at the top of the page.

I’m out of compliance with my CSEE, how can I get back into compliance?

We understand! And we know you’ll love the personalization, content, and quality of the new Sports Tourism Strategist. You can jump back in during our grace period for CSEE designees who have fallen out of compliance. You’ll just need to earn four (4) STS credits by the end of 2021 through online or in-person certificate course offerings, then you’ll be all set.

Once you are back in compliance, you will follow the four (4) credits per year continuing education requirement to maintain compliance going forward. This requirement is the same number of credits per year historically for CSEE, so you won’t have more credits to earn in the revamped program. It’s that easy! Get more details in the CSEE transition video at the top of the page.

I’m in progress with my CSEE, what does this mean?

You’re on the right track! Now just keep working. You’re simply working toward your Sports Tourism Strategist designation now rather than the CSEE. It will require the same amount of time and credits, but you’ll have much more flexibility to complete your STS on your terms, with a robust portfolio of both online and in-person certificate course options. Get more details in the CSEE transition video at the top of the page.

Where did my CSEE credits go?

Nowhere! All the CSEE credits you have earned, if you’re in-progress with the CSEE program, are still banked in your Sports ETA account and every one of them will go toward your Sports Tourism Strategist designation credits. Remember, you’re still aiming for 32 total credits to earn your STS designation, the same number you were striving for to earn the CSEE. Get more details in the CSEE transition video at the top of the page.

How many certificates do I need for my STS?

You can take one certificate course, or many, it’s totally up to you! But if you’re aiming to earn your Sports Tourism Strategist designation you will need to accumulate 32 certificate credits. This total includes any CSEE credits you have already earned, and is the same number that was required for the CSEE, so the STS is no more credits than what you bargained for when starting your CSEE. Get more details in the CSEE transition video at the top of the page.

Where do I track my STS progress?

You’ll track your course registrations and progress through your profile in the STLI’s learning management system. All your credits earned will be reflected in your Sports ETA My Account page, just like the CSEE now.

I haven’t started my CSEE, can I still start?

Not a problem! You can jump into the new Sports Tourism Strategist program at any time by taking one certificate course or many. There are no admissions or applications required. Get more details in the CSEE transition video at the top of the page.

Do I have to apply for the STS?

Nope! Unlike its predecessor, the CSEE, there are not admissions or application requirements for the Sports Tourism Strategist designation. There are no graduation requirements aside from earning the required 32 credits (for example, to earn your STS you do NOT need to have five or more years in the sports events and tourism industry). The wide array of certificate course content in the program makes it suitable for sports events and tourism professionals with diverse backgrounds and interests and those from tangential industries.

Can I earn certificates and STS credits at live events?

Absolutely! Sports ETA has plans to offer certificate courses at many of our in-person live events. Unlike the past, these will be open to all for registration, whether you are interested in earning a certificate for one topic or earning certificates for credit toward your Sports Tourism Strategist designation.

These certificate courses will also be recorded and archived on the STLI online learning platform after-the-fact, in case you, or a member of your team is unable to join us in-person.

What are the continuing education requirements for STS?

STS designees are required to earn four (4) credits each year (beginning when they become certified) to comply with the STS designation.

This maintenance requirement is a crucial element of the STS designation as it signifies the learners continued effort toward gaining additional knowledge in the sports events and tourism field. Learning is not a “one-and-done” proposition; it’s a lifelong journey!

What is Front Office Education?

Designed for seasoned sports events and tourism professionals, the STLI’s Front Office Education offers industry-leading certification programs for the best and brightest sports events and tourism professionals.

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