Analytics Certificate


Learn the importance of data analytics in today’s digital age and the state-of-the-art approach used by the team at 4FRONT to drive sports tourism success through analytics.


$399 Sports ETA Member

$499 Non-Sports ETA Member



This five-part Sports Tourism Analytics Certificate will serve as a virtual learning opportunity for participants to think strategically about utilizing analytics to accelerate their business and solve challenges in 2020 and beyond. It is an opportunity for every participant to build their confidence and knowledge of data and analytics through a friendly, collaborative discussion that breaks down barriers of intimidation and inspires with actionable next steps.


You will earn 4 credits towards your STS Designation.

After completing this course, you will be able to:

  • Analyze how sports and entertainment organizations use data, insights, and sponsorship analytics to reach their consumers in this modern digital era efficiently.
  • Identify opportunities for data-driven business decisions and apply leading-edge data tactics and strategies for maximum impact.
  • Using various data sources, develop actionable insights and strategies specific to the DNA of your stakeholders to more effectively reach, engage, and communicate with them.
  • Use data to improve sponsorship measurement approaches at your organization.
  • Apply industry-leading analytics strategies for marketing and sponsorships to enhance business success.

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Review the Analytics Course Overview to learn more about the industry experts leading this course and course session topics.

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