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Helpful Terms & Definitions

Learning how to navigate a new learning and professional environment can be confusing with all the new and unfamiliar jargon. Explore the terms and definitions below to better understand the language you may see throughout this course and the STLI site. Click the (+) icon to the far right of the term to expand the definition.


STLI stands for “Sports Tourism Learning Institute”. A product of Sports ETA, the Sports Tourism Learning Institute (STLI) is the leading-edge education hub for the sports events and tourism industry. Comprising a variety of learning opportunities, from free, topical content, to in-depth, industry-leading certification programs, STLI courses provide education for all industry segments driving professional development and organizational effectiveness. Whether you are new to the sports events and tourism industry, or a seasoned veteran, STLI’s wide scope of education offerings will push your knowledge and skills to the next level.


LMS is simply education-lingo for “learning management system”. Think of it as a CRM for education. It is the platform in which learners register for courses, online courses are delivered, and course progress is tracked. STLI’s LMS is the nucleus of its education programs. You don’t need to get bogged down in the details, just know it’s pretty awesome and allows the STLI to better serve you!


The Sports Tourism Strategist (STS) designation, is the newly revamped CSEE program. To earn your Sports Tourism Strategist (STS) designation you will need to accumulate 32 certificate credits, and continue to earn an additional 4 credits per calendar year to maintain your designation. 

Set yourself apart from the crowd by earning and maintaining your Sports Tourism Strategist designation today!

Certificate Playbook

The Sports Tourism Certificate Playbook is your source for in-depth knowledge on a range of essential industry topics. Each certificate consists of three to five hours of content, presented by the industry’s most highly regarded experts, to take your understanding of a given topic to a new level.

Online certificate courses are self-paced so you can consume the content at your convenience, and in-person certificate courses will be held in conjunction with a variety of Sports ETA live events throughout the year. Completion of the course material will earn you a designated Certificate of Achievement from the Sports Tourism Learning Institute, as well as increased knowledge to separate you and your organization from the pack.


Credits, Certificate Credits, and STS Credits are what you earn by completing any Certificate Playbook course or attending an eligible Sports ETA in-person live event. These credits are tracked and can be seen in your profile in STLI’s learning management system, and will be reflected on your Sports ETA My Account page.

Certificate of Achievement

Along with earning credits, you will also earn a Certificate of Achievement from the Sports Tourism Learning Institute. You will be able to download, save, and share this outstanding achievement upon completion of this course.

More Definitions & Information

Please check out the STLI FAQ page to learn more about the Sports Tourism Learning Institue and the STS designation.  

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