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Course Structure

This course is fully online and self-paced, meaning you are in complete control of how, when, and where you complete this course! We encourage you to make this course work for you and your busy schedule. 

The <course name> course is composed of <#> sessions. Each session contains a video lesson and a downloadable resource page. 


Session 1: Let’s Get Started!


Session 2: Logistics, Location, and Lighting


Session 3: Angles, Audio, and Limiting Distractions 


Session 4: Connecting With Your Viewer


Session 5: But What Do I Say?


Session 6: Preparing for a Social Media Live

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You are welcome to complete each session in one sitting, or you can break it into smaller chunks. See the next section with helpful Suggestions on How to Complete this Course Successfully.

You will earn four (4) credits towards your STS designation upon completing this course. Learn more about the STS designation

What You Will Learn 

After completing this course, you will be able to: 

Develop a heightened level of comfort and confidence in front of the camera, allowing you to present yourself authentically in various virtual settings.

Master the art of setting up your virtual environment for optimal video, audio, and composition, ensuring a professional and polished appearance in virtual interviews and calls.

Explore diverse techniques to establish a deeper and more meaningful connection with your viewers or interviewers, fostering engagement and building rapport in virtual interactions.

Acquire comprehensive skills in preparing, promoting, and executing engaging social media live sessions, maximizing your impact and interaction in the dynamic world of live broadcasting.

Suggestions to Complete this Course Successfully

As a committed professional, we value and appreciate the time and dedication you are investing in this course. Here are a few helpful suggestions for successfully completing this course:

Break up the materials into manageable pieces & create a plan that works for your busy schedule.

Set a goal date for completion.

Create a professional development file for this course.

Create a folder online, on your desktop (wherever you stay organized) where you can save the downloadable course resource pages and take notes of the things you learn.

Find a quiet place where you can focus on and absorb the valuable information.

Complete the course materials and share your accomplishment!